Taxi Drivers Rally Round For Knowledge Boy After Horrendous Attack In South London.

Earlier this week, Karim a young knowledge student was attacked in South London. He was approached by group of men, one wearing a crash helmet, and carrying a large bladed knife. He was stabbed twice with such a force, it pushed him off his moped. 
The attackers ran off with his belongings, with one ridding off on his bike. 

Karim just happened to be wearing a very heavy jacket which actually save him from life threatening injuries. 

On hearing about the attack, a collection was organised by Taxi drivers who were appalled by this viscous attack. 

A book was opened for the student Karim at the Astral Cafe, corner of Regency Place and Horseferry Road and a substantial amount was collected.  The collection was presented to Karim on behalf of the drivers by Astral cafe owner Tony Cabral. 

This post appeared on Twitter this afternoon:

We've since been informed, the police will not be investigation this attempted murder any further because (they say) of a lack of resources. 

And yet all this week, we've been hearing reports that a plainclothes police WPC, wearing a red coat with a body camera attached to the collar, has been filming Taxi drivers handling their phones while sitting on the rank at Kings Cross Station. 
She films the keys still in the ignition and then cautions the driver. 

London Mayor Sadiq Khan,Met Police Commissioner, Cressida Rose Dick CBE QPM:
This is scandalous, a joke commissioner working under a joke mayor. 

Knife crime, violent crime, burglaries, robberies, sexual assault, rape...all up under Khan and Dick. 
It's scandalous that they've concentrated much needed resources, raising revenue with easy nicks on Licensed Taxi drivers sitting on a Taxi rank.

How can the Met possibly justify this blatant harassment of drivers then say the don't have enough officers or resources to investigate knife crime/attempted murder.


Marble Arch, Friday afternoon!
Passengers fled in terror as a person was assaulted on the platform of a busy Tube station in London.

Terrified witnesses said they heard screaming from the Central line platform as people fled the scene.

A police spokesman said the public will be please to know that although we won't be investigating this attack any further, we managed to nick 20 cabbies for leaving their keys in the ignition while using their phones on a Taxi rank. We salute the bravery of the undercover officer who reported these heinous crimes. 

from Taxi Leaks