SUNDAY SPECIAL REPORT: What’s it like, having your Uber account hacked ?

The story of celebrity Anthea Turner hit the media back in 2015. TfL never commented on the story, or took action over, even though they knew what was going on. 

2.7 UK Uber accounts had been hacked and many customers couldn’t close down their accounts because the hackers had changed the login details. 

The stories soon disappeared even though other celebrities and dignitaries had also been hacked.

Posted April 8th 2015:

On that day, Anthea Turner like many Uber London customers, woke up to find that her rider account had been accessed illegally, by a third party who had been using her account over the bank Holliday Weekend.

Anthea made this tweet at 10:53 yesterday morning after discovering the money had already been taken from her bank account.

Many people (who use the same password for multiple applications) have found their personal bank details and social media platforms have also been accessed. TfL have never mentioned this either. 

Anthea had been unable to find help from Uber as their twitter helpline has been swamped with customer complaints. 
Uber denied reports of a major hack. 

In fact, Uber immediately took down their London user Twitter account and replaced it with a nation user account, hopping this would dilute the complaint statistics after the major security breach.

Uber again denied their systems have been hacked. Nine months previously, their systems were breached with drivers details stolen including; drivers names, addresses and credit card details. 
Amazingly, Uber said nothing about this for five months, according to the New York Times. 

Anthea's celebrity friend, hard man actor Tamer Hassan had this bit of advice for her at the time:

A the same time, 35-year-old record producer Mike Crossley alleged that over the course of 10 days, someone took 142 Uber rides using his account — racking up a £3,000 bill. 
"Most of the time they were using the expensive luxury service to run up the bill," he said. 
"They were quite random although there was an address in Westminster they went to more than once."

Uber denied there had been a breach — but hurriedly refund customers. 

It wasn't until 2017, we found out just how big the hack had actually been. 2.7 million UK accounts had been hacked, 57 million world wide and Uber had covered it up 

Here are some more hacks reported at that time on Twitter

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The advice given below, was taken from an UBER driver forum post, on how to beat the Gatwick out of licencing area situation:

"I'll go physically into the McD's on the N road and sit with a coffee with the app still running. It can surely then be claimed to be accidental in that case if there's an issue."

Also, incase you may have missed this: 

Recorded clip from the Cristo show on LBC, an Uber driver discusses how his system is set up to deceive and over charge the Uber customer. 


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