If CC Machines Can Have A Tip option, Why Can’t They Have A Validate Option?

I always felt it sensible for C/Card machines to have a "Validate" option available to drivers in cases where the journey was either quite long or if the driver had doubts or suspicion a card may not work (out of date etc)

As we are not empowered (trusted) by the PCO to examine any card physically it would surely be a simple software addition to allow a passenger to enter the card into any machine with a validation option to create confidence all round.

Currently, there is not, I personally would refuse anyone who I suspect holds an out-of -date card unless I see it close up, It is not unreasonable to ensure a potential passenger proves they have adequate funds to cover the Journey (particularly a longer one) before its commencement, and that applies to cash or card remembering we are all vulnerable sole traders who are regularly targeted and more often than not abandoned by the police in time of need, so every Taxi driver must vigorously protect their business from fraudulent exploitation and no licensing authority could reasonably argue against that right.

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