23 April 2018

Day one of Uber Brighton's public decision hears from those for and against a new licence being issued

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Brighton and Hove city council members sat today for the first day of a public decision to whether or not issue Uber Brighton with a new operators licence. Council members last week announced that a public hearing will be undertaken this week with a final decision expected to be made on Wednesday. Today the council heard from taxi companies who oppose a new licence being granted on the grounds that Uber were considered to not be a "fit and proper" company by Transport for London following a number of serious concerns brought against the ride-hailing firm from Silicon Valley. Customers of the controversial app also spoke out in favour of a new licence being granted praising the apps convenience. A report in the Argus revealed today that none of the three councillors making the final decision on Uber Brighton's future have ever used the ride-sharing service. A major issue was raised by Chairwoman Cllr Jacqui O'Quinn, stating that even if Uber were not issued a new licence, drivers licensed elsewhere would still be able to pick up work in the city, but Uber's acting barrister Philip Kolvin squashed those concerns stating that Uber had regionalised its business and prevented London licensed drivers from operating their by using a Gio-fenced system. Tomorrow City Council members will sit for a second day of hearings.
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