Cycling legislation intensifies as motorists face new proposals

via taxi-point
Legislation surrounding motorists coming into conflict with cyclists could be tightened up under new governmental proposals.
Under the proposals specific new offences could carry 3 penalty points and a minimum £100 fine.
New legislation could see an offences
of intimidatory driving, which may include driving in such a way so as to cause unnecessary risk to cyclists.
Driving too close to a cyclist, not giving cyclists priority to go straight ahead when turning left into a minor junction and entering into an advance cycle box at traffic lights will also become specific, endorsable offences.
Opening a car door without making a final check may also become an endorsable offence as policymakers look to improve protection for cyclists.
Offences that cause accidents may still be dealt with in court and could carry heavier fines, or even driving bans or prison sentences.
The new laws are expected to be policed by the network of traffic cameras across the UK.
April 29, 2018 at 01:47AM