Article Admits Uber Operating Illegally though Dutch Company

Again, we are told Uber jobs are being dispatched by Dutch based company UberBL, and not as TfL want us to believe Uber London Ltd (the actual company licensed by TfL).

Below is a post from the Brighton and Hove News, which explains that Uber’s licence to operate in Brighton and Hove is up for renewal next week.

The article states that the company applying for the operating licence in Brighton and Hove, is in fact UberBL. But speaking to local Taxi drivers in the area, many Uber drivers licensed by TfL, also work the area.

Most interesting is the highlighted sentence that states out of city drivers are able access the same work as Brighton drivers, via the Uber London app !

TfL know this is going on, and yet they’ve said and done nothing about it. 

Again more proof (as if any were needed) that TfL are instrumental in the devastation and destruction of the Licensed Taxi trade in London. 

Again we ask the question, why haven’t our United Trade Leaders demanded Mike Brown’s immediately issue of a cease and desist order on Uber London Limited, who do not dispatch Uber’s Jobs in London (given the evidence available from a plethora of FOI requested emails)

It’s scandalous that TfLTPH were informed and have known this is the case since 2014.


Brighton And Hove News Article

Uber’s bid to renew its licence is to be heard in public next week following a campaign by taxi drivers. 

Hundreds of taxi drivers have also written in to object to the controversial app being allowed to continue trading in the city, with a total of 274 representations opposing the renewal received. 

Seven taxi drivers and 26 residents or businesses wrote to support the application, which has been made by the standalone company Uber Brighton and Hove (UBL). 

UBL was first granted a year-long operators licence in November 2015, but did not launch in Brighton and Hove until the following October. The licence was renewed for another year, but by the time it applied for another renewal in 2017, its licence had been suspended in London.

Town hall officers decided to renew it for six months with four new conditions relating to the concerns raised by Transport for London attached – not to block officials from using the app, to report serious complaints to the council, to ensure that rides booked by UBL are provided by Brighton drivers and to ensure all UBL drivers have disability equality training. 

However, taxi drivers are calling on the council to reject its licence with a lengthy list of challenges, including challenging Uber’s status as an operator, the ongoing TfL appeal, Uber’s failure to report sexual attacks in London and Uber data being hacked.

Drivers also continue to criticise the widespread appearance of Uber drivers licensed outside the city – drivers who are not required to adhere to the strict rules laid down in the city council’s “blue book” of rules, including CCTV and wheelchair accessibility. 

In his report to councillors on the licensing panel, head of regulatory services Jim Whitelegg said some of these concerns did not relate to UBL, which only uses Brighton drivers (although out of city drivers are able to use the app via Uber London and other Uber subsidiaries).

from Taxi Leaks