Update on Harrow Taxi Driver Stabbing, Police Looking For Two Attackers.

Last Sunday morning, a Harrow Suburban driver sat on point of the rank at Harrow on the Hill Station in Collage Road.  

At approximately 5:30am a white van pulled up behind the taxi and two men got out and approach the Taxi. Both men were of Eastern European appearance. 

Most TX4 type taxis have a bad design fault that when you pull on to a rank and switch off the engine, the drivers safety is compromised by fact that the automatic front door locking mechanism disengages and subsequently unlocks both front doors. 

The first attacker opened the luggage door and attempted to take property from inside the vehicle, threatening the Taxi driver with a long bladed knife. The driver turned to away and tried to escape but the second assailant who also had a large knife stabbed the driver multiple times. 
The men took a number of items from the Taxi and returned to their van leaving the driver laying, bleeding on the floor beside his Cab. 

The whole incident was captured on CCTV and Harrow Met police are appealing for any witnesses to come forward. 

This was a callous, violent, attack... and a stark reminder that when you turn off the engine of a TX4 type Taxi, due to poor design of the vehicle, you compromise your personal safety. You must remember to manually re-lock the front doors.

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