Uber sparks anger from customers after increasing prices for journeys through snow storms with some charged up to FIVE TIMES the normal fare

Minicab-booking app Uber has faced criticism for increasing their prices as the 90mph Storm Emma and the 'Beast from the East' hit Britain with blizzards, ice and flooding leaving public transport across the country to be cancelled.

The firm has charged customers up to five time the normal fare for journeys as the Met office issues six different weather warnings covering almost the entire country today - two amber for 'be prepared' and four yellow for 'be aware'. 

Angry Uber users took to social media to share their dismay with the app.

Richard Silcock, from Manchester, said his journey was 'an absolute joke' after being charged £13.20 for a three mile journey

He added it was 'ridiculous' to charge a 2.7 times surcharge for 'a bit of snow

Other frustrated users described the business as 'desperate' or 'pretty douchey'.  

One passenger in Birmingham allegedly paid five times the usual fare.

The customer reportedly paid £31 for a three mile journey that usually costs £

Twitter users complained about being asked to pay more than usual with some saying it was 'desperate'  

Another Uber user was charged £16 for a for a two mile journey that usually costs £5. She queried the price and was told 'We understand that you never had to pay this much before' but 'the rates are updated based on the demand and supply in real-time.      

An Uber spokesperson said: 'The last few days have been incredibly challenging for transport services and anyone trying to get around. Bad weather has seen more people looking to book a car with Uber but fewer drivers on the road which caused prices to automatically increase. 

'Our app uses dynamic pricing to encourage more drivers to pick up fares so that more cars are available. Users can always see a fare estimate before they book and can split the fare with others through the app. We'd encourage both riders and drivers to stay safe and follow the latest travel advice. 

Uber trying to get away from the embarrassment of the surge by calling it "Dynamic" pricing, so back to the old 'it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission'.....

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