Tim Fenton Blows The Lid Off TfL Part 3: Uber's PR Said They Were Illegal

All those cheerleaders for driver and rider matching service Uber have been quiet of late, which suggests that someone out there is worried. After this week’s revelations, showing that Uber in London was known to be operating illegally back in December 2013 following the complaint made by Clifford, Chance on behalf of the capital’s private hire operators, they may be yet more nervous. And those revelations aren’t finished yet.

After Jo Bertram of Uber was given the hard word on compliance by Cliff Llewellyn of TfL, not only was the panic button pressed in San Francisco, with the British Consulate there becoming involved, the PR initiative began in London, in an effort to soften up TfL management. To this end, Uber left nothing to chance, and employed the services of PR specialists RLM Finsbury, who immediately made contact.

One of their partners contacted Jennifer Holmes in the Mayor’s office - whether there was any prompting from Bozza is not known - who gave the PR people the name of Isabel Dedring, Deputy Mayor for Transport. Ms Dedring was busy - whether this was genuinely busy or merely bodyswerving busy is also not known - and this is where Garrett Emmerson, as COO for surface transport, came in.

Read Tim Fenton's Expose' In Full, Complete With FOI Emails.....Click Link Below:

Following this 3rd round of expose‘s of TFL's involvement in the cover up of Uber's illegality, Grant Davis, Chair of the London Taxi Drivers Club has made this statement of intent on Periscope.

Grant tells every cab driver what they've been waiting to hear for many years.

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