The LCDC Seek Clarification On Passengers Refusing To Pay Fare : Email sent to Inspector Jas Sandu and Tfl staff today

Hi Jas
I hope you are well

Can I draw you to the attention of the following video circulating on Twitter (there is additional video in Time line) 

The London Cab Act 1896, Section 1, states;

If, any person commits any of the following offences with respect to a cab, namely :—
(a)hires a cab, knowing or having reason to believe that he cannot pay the lawful fare, or with intent to avoid payment of the lawful fare ;or
(b)fraudulently endeavours to avoid payment of a fare lawfully due from him ; or
(c)having failed or refused to pay a fare lawfully due from him, either refuses to give to the driver an address at which he can be found, or, with intent to deceive, gives a false address,he shall be liable on summary conviction to pay, in addition to the lawful fare, a fine not exceeding forty shillings, or, in the discretion of the court, to be imprisoned for a term not exceeding fourteen days; and the whole or any part of any fine imposed may be applied in compensation to the driver.

Can I ask for some clarification and any advice you may wish to give

Also Jas, the officer accuses the driver of holding the passengers ‘captive’, what is the driver supposed to do in order to obtain payment? one passenger claims ‘we’re free to walk away’, on top of the pressure of over saturation in the market whereby Uber drivers are allowed to illegally ply for hire unchallenged are we now supposed to provide a free service? 

We are also hearing increasing incidents of passengers ‘attempting’ to pay by credit card, I use the word loosely as it’s becoming obvious they are aware of no funds in accounts, what happens in these situations? 

I’m sure you’ll appreciate, honest men & women are driving Hackney Carriages in order to provide for their families, would it be unreasonable to expect some level of protection? 

Kind regards 
Danny O’Regan 

from Taxi Leaks