Residents Disregarded As Oxford Street Consultation Results Finally Out.... By Gerald Coba.

Oxford Street Consultation results are finally out! 

Although 61% of Westminster residents are completely against pedestrianisation of Oxford Street! and with only 22% having said “Yes” to the madness, again residents wishes, will be pushed aside (as we've seen previously by Camden in Fitzrovia).

The WCC agreed to hold a 'joint' consultation of 'shoppers' and 'residents' but now, as we've seen many times in the past, consultations showing adverse results mean absolutely nothing in respect to decisions made by TfL and the Mayor.

Already CityAM and the Standard are hailing the consultation which encompassed shoppers, tourists and people from outside the borough a massive 2 out of 3 success. 

In the Mayor's eyes, it's essential to their future plans to make coming to Oxford Street for shoppers, more attractive on the new Elizabeth line, than sitting on a bus in gridlock congestion.

We have been reliably informed that Westminster City Council are now saying they were/are only in favour of the 'joint' consultation and NOT the pedestrianisation !

As WCC actually own Oxford Street, the Mayor will now have to invoke special powers to take over the street, should he wish to do so. 

So, what has caused WCC apparent change of heart?....could it be that they never expected such a massive response from residents within the joint 20,000 responses ?

We are also reliably informed that the only reason WCC agreed to a joint consultation was because the Mayor was holding a gun to the councils head by initially threatening to take over control of said street. 

Will Westminster City Council, on behalf of their residents, actually fight against the Mayor's plans?
Or will they just concede?

It will now be very interesting to see what the Mayor's PR team do next to appease the influential resident response to the consultation. 

In the eyes of local residents, the plans SHOULD be dead in the water, but don't forget Khan is not a man of his word.
Was he not going to be the Mayor who ran Uber out of town, should they commit just one error of compliance!!! (Obviously before being elected to office).

from Taxi Leaks