I write with reference to the attachment included in this email. 


On the 23rd ofFebruary the CMT device and meter was removed from the aforementioned Taxi, reg: LC63USN. The removal was carried out at Taxi World, Tottenham Hale


Although CMT’s property has already been removed I read with interest your accompanying letter.  For the record, I consider CMT- the payment system provider- to have violated the terms laid out in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 


The equipment supplied was intended for a particular purpose but failed in its consistency to meet that requirement. Had it been fit for that specified purpose I would have been contented to process all payments through the CMT payment system. I was, however, not prepared to accept its continual malfunctioning. 


I have accepted Credit Card payments for five years prior to the credit card mandate. In fact, it is my preferred method of payment, but the fallibility of  your system makes the service provider appear both unreliable and unprofessional. To  date I consider CMT to owe me within the region of £120 in lost revenue due fo the system freezing and subsequently rendering the transaction incomplete.


In closing, you’re welcome to inform TfL that I have substituted my fixed terminal with a handheld card reader but the information will be secondary as I have already done so. 

I trust you have now updated your files accordingly.



Sean Paul Day


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