After Management Buyout, VeriFone Rebrands As Curb, Gaining Independence From Parent Company.

The past couple of years have seen significant change in the UK taxi industry. In the minefield of electronic payments, some have applied general retail principles to the taxi trade, whilst those driving the VeriFone business forward knew that Taxis needed a total commitment and unique solutions to compete.

Accordingly, the arm are very phone that was dedicated to the taxi trade (VTS), Has undergone the management buyout and will now be operating under the Curb brand name.

Curb has no involvement in the general retail markets and will work exclusively with the professional hard-working drivers and operators who keep our cities moving. Over 18,000 of them across to UK currently use very phone card payment system, and will now be looked after by Curb

Jon Wheeler, Curb VPN UK general manager, is excited about the future. 
“With our dedicated staff and well established card processing systems, we are now looking forward with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism.

“We have very exciting plans to introduce cutting-edge products and services to help our drivers in the future. With newfound freedom to develop these initiatives, there is a real buzz about the place.”

Will and his team are working hard from the Kensington operations centre to ensure a seamless transition for existing drivers across the country, including over 8000 in London alone.

from Taxi Leaks