2010 Old Bailey Judge Says " The safety of the public is our prime concern & central to our application of the fit & proper person test"...by GreenBadgeJohn .

I was sorting out stuff in my garage and came across an old Taxi Newspaper dated 27th July 2010 with the headline "Killer off the Knowledge".

Having read it over again, I was not only reminded how well we all did at the time with a drive-in protest at the PCO at Penton street in getting a wife killer off the Knowledge, but it also showed joint cooperation with the unions LTDA, Unite, & LCDC & very importantly the PCO, who on seeing the depth of outrage in our trade prompted an immediate independent review. 

This resulted in the individual being removed not only from the knowledge but had his private hire licence revoked.

This decision was subsequently upheld by City of London Magistrates Court, but it was later challenged by the private hire driver/ Knowledge student, under legal advise. 

On 16th July 2010, the appeal took place at The Old Bailey & the newly appointed PCO director John Mason (with his experienced Legal team) argued their technical legal case of revocation for several hours in court and the Judge ruled for the PCO.

The astonishingly important words the Judge said back in 2010 -years before Uber came to London- which lead to the revocation decision on this drivers Private hire licence is so relevant I had to repeat them now.

On Summing up the previous record of the Knowledge/Private hire driver the Judge said:

"The Appellant is a Paranoid schizophrenic who admitted strangling his wife 10 years earlier, he was given an unrestricted time hospital order but was released after 3 years by a mental health review tribunal, in 1991 he was fined £15 for exposing himself in a public place, in 1998 he was conditionally discharged fro assaulting a Police officer and in 2009 he was cautioned for slapping his daughter,and 2 motoring convictions in the past 5 years (jumping lights & speeding).

This was the compelling part of the judges summing up statement:

"When taken individually, these convictions would not disqualify him, but in combination, I think it reasonable to say that they have much greater significance and call into question his personal and driving character.

The safety of the public is our prime concern & central to our application of the fit & proper person test.

We find that the applicant is not a fit & proper person to hold a licence & we therefore dismiss the appeal.

Now, with all the aggregated chicanery, algorithm interferences, withheld sexual customer feedback & downright fraudulent actions, does the fit and proper description go hand in glove with the last 5 year Uber licence under the judges summing up above?

TFL themselves now realise how bright the spotlight of legal propriety shines on themselves & re-percussion will undoubted fall upon them for previous failings & maleficence as we all closely watch their every move.

What a pity PCO honesty latterly became subjective according to the highest bidder.

Be lucky,

greenbadgejohn (on twitter)


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