Uber Plans A Shake-Up Of Driver Ratings Plus A Higher Level Of Service With A Nicer Car

Uber has revealed it is planning to shake up driver ratings so customers will be able to opt for a higher service level as well as a nicer car.

Currently users of the ride instant hailing (illegally plying for hire) app rate their journey from one to five stars based on their experience. 

But Dara Khosrowshahi, who took the helm last August, said it wanted drivers who were "particularly good" to be rated "at a different level".

He said the firm was "very, very early" on the path to doing this.

"We want to allow the user to opt-in to a higher level of service because right now the only higher level of service that we define is a nicer car... and I think the car and service are two different things," he said.

'Break from the past'
This news comes in the wake of a 50% rise in sexual assaults (including rape) on Uber passengers in London by drivers. 

Last year 13,000 Uber drivers presented fake DBS criminal record background check certificates. 

In response to questions about safety, Mr Khosrowshahi said the firm was "doubling down" on background checks and vehicle licences so it could continue to grow. 

Apparently only 2600 of the 13,000 have reapplied with new DBS checks, the others have all been swept under the carpet by TfLTPH.

It was a rare public appearance by Mr Khosrowshahi, who has kept a low profile since taking the helm of the firm last August. 

Speaking in a packed room at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr Khosrowshahi said the firm "had to make a break from the past and go forward as a company that does the right thing", although he made no mention of his drivers murders, terrorist attacks, sexual assaults of fraudulent data mining of customers accounts.

He is attempting to rescue the firm's reputation following investigations by multiple regulators and a lawsuit over allegedly stolen technology.

Former chief executive Travis Kalanick was ousted from the top role in June but remains a board member.

The firm also continues to experience steep losses. 

Mr Khosrowshahi said the fact that an Uber driver could be with you within minutes of ordering and its low cost meant its popularity would continue.

In London the app has been shown to be illegal and TfL have refused to relicense the company over safety issues.

Khosrowshahi predicted that, even with the advent of self-driving cars, Uber still intend to recruit double the amount of drivers it currently has within the next 10 years. In London this would see their fleet rise to 80,000. Currently drivers registered and licensed in London by TfL, are working all over the UK....although Khosrowshahi failed to mention this in Davos.

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