The State Of The Trade : Time For A Council Of War.

When Churchill was offered the job of Prime Minister by the King he said “I only hope it’s not too late, but I fear it is”

But never the less he took on the job at hand, later at dinner making this toast... “Here's to not buggering it up”.

Churchill was a big Taxi user, here he is paying the driver in 1908.

The State Of The Trade 

The engagement policy as it stands must be torn up, it has seriously damaged the trades drivers representation. There must be no good behaviour clauses. We should not be going cap in hand to TfL, Mike Brown should be begging us for meetings on our terms, not his.

As it stands now, our trade is on the verge of collapse. 
We are in the last chance saloon and we have only two courses to choose from; 
1. Fight hard, fight for victory, even if it entails fighting dirty
2. Or behave, capitulate and die out.

We have a clear view of our enemies now and unfortunately they include some from within our own ranks, who have turned against their own to get into TfLs good books.
The gravy train is now at the end of the line!

It’s time to draw a line in the sand. 
Only you can decide on which side you stand;
a) With the rank and file trade fighters
b) Or with the I’m alright Jack apathetic capitulates.

The first thing Churchill did as coalition PM, was to form a war council. 
We need to form our own war council as soon as possible, consisting of 6 members who will represent our 6 representative groups. 

No one must be judged solely on what they’ve done or said in the past, but what they can do now and in the future.

I’ve had some gruelling battles with other drivers over the years, and I’ve still got many who despise me over my actions and outspoken personal opinions. Recently, I’ve been accused of changing with the tide, but those who can't change there minds, will never be able to change anything.

Personally, I’ve never held a grudge based on historic rhetoric or circumstance and I’ve always believed that everyone is entitled to a second chance.

So What Is Our Aim...You May Well Ask!
I will answer in one word 
“Victory”...because without victory, there will be no survival. 

Our policy must be to wage war on our enemies, if it involves fighting dirty, the so be it. 
There must be no surrender, no capitulation and no more negotiated wait and sees.

At present, our entire trade appears to be in full retreat, with moral at an all time low. Many drivers are deserting the trade they worked so hard to become part of and are going back to former professions. But to many, this job is all they have, all they know. 

We must never give up.
We should not flag or fail...whatever the cost, we must defend our trade and never, ever, surrender.

One bond unites us all, musher, journeyman, plus supporting industry....we need to fight to save all our jobs. 

Negotiation has never worked with TfL so we have to hit them hard where it hurt them the most, there financial potential.

As the great man himself once said, “if we fight, we may not win.... but if we don’t fight, I guarantee, we will lose. 
But what ever happens as we go forward now, we must not allow this glorious trade to go down without a fight.

Watch this short video to see how Prince Charles feels about the London Taxi Trade.


from Taxi Leaks