TfL Bend Over Backwards To Clear Name Of Uber In Knife Up Bottom Case.

In the past we've seen London Taxi photos plastered all over the media when publishing stories about criminal issues that in fact relate to Private hire drivers/operators/ vehicles. 

Some of the crimes are serious such as sexual assaults/rape and in more than one case, even murder.

Take last year when the majority of the press and TV news channels posted articles stating that Taxi and Private hire driver related sexual assaults, including rapes were up by 50%.
Not one paper mentioned the fact that their were zero allegations against Taxi drivers. 

Not once have TfLTPH took it upon itself to get the paper(s) or TV media to publish a correction and show that the article was nothing to do with a Taxi driver or related trade member.

And yet in the case of Kareem Worthington, TfLTPH have just bent over backwards to clear the name of their stakeholder Uber. 

The police are now saying that only after the arrest, court case and imprisonment of Worthington, did they discover that he'd lied about being an Uber driver. 

He was arrested driving a PHV with TfL roundels and had the Uber driver app on a smart phone. 
Apparently they never checked to see if he was on the TfL PH data base till after he was jailed -A very simple operation that anyone with a smart phone can do in minutes. 

This new information was then past on to the newspaper who have now published a correction to their original story. 

Do you think this would have happened if he had been driving a TX4 ???

Let's look at the facts :
Officers only realised he was lying..............." after he was jailed ". 
Can you really believe this?
Police arrested, the CPS charged and the courts jailed him , before realising his proper identity. Really ?

So from this, it's safe to assume he was working as an Uber driver, using someone else's car sporting TfL roundels and using the Uber app. Allegedly a surprisingly common occurrence. 

Perhaps TfL could explain more about the Uber driver arrested on Exhibition Road who mowed down pedestrians while driving Uber passengers in a Prius....funny how that news of that incident suddenly dried up!

Just more proof of the collusion between the illegal Private Hire App Uber and our wonderful licensing regulator (who appear to be looking after the reputation and public image of this company) 

Impartiality....don't make me laugh. 
TfL....Totally Failing Londoners. 

That's strange ! Didn't Leon the liar in City Hall swear blind Uber already had one 

from Taxi Leaks