HMRC Win Case Against BBC Presenters Over Tax Alleged Avoidance

Over 100 BBC stars face paying back hundreds of thousands in tax as HMRC wins claim against presenter

Oh dearie me, looks like some of these overpaid presenters on the Beeb have got more in common with Uber than we previously thought!

It's been alleged that many the beebs big pay packet earners have been avoiding UK taxes.

More than 100 BBC presenters are facing tax bills that could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds after a former star lost her case against HMRC.

Christa Ackroyd earned more than the Prime Minister as co-host of the regional Look North programme on BBC One.

She was paid as a freelancer through a personal services company at the BBC's request, but HMRC ruled that she should have paid the same level of tax as a BBC employee. Ms Ackroyd must now pay back £419,151.

In its ruling, the tax tribunal in Leeds said that, while this was not a test case, "we understand that the present appeal is one of a number of other appeals involving television presenters and personal service companies."

At least 100 past and present BBC presenters are under investigation for alleged tax avoidance by using personal service companies to register as self-employed thereby minimising their tax bills.
The case could also have ramifications in other industries.

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