Former Uber CLO Salle Yoo Named in Reports of Tool Meant to Evade Foreign Authorities

Former Uber Technologies Inc. chief legal officer Salle Yoo’s name popped up in reports around several of the ride-hailing company’s scandals in 2017, from the controversial ‘Greyball’ program to accusations of legal department missteps around the Uber v. Waymobattle.

Now, just a few weeks into 2018, Yoo, who announced she was leaving the company in September of last year and has since departed, is being tied once again to Uber activity that may be less than savory.

Bloomberg Businessweek reported Thursday that Yoo knew about an Uber tool that allowed the San Francisco-based company to remotely access company-owned devices to change passwords, lock data or shut them down in the case of a police raid. The tool, known internally as “Ripley,” was used at least two dozen times, sources told Bloomberg. Its name reportedly comes from Sigourney Weaver’s “Alien” character who famously says in the film: “Nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

These sources claim Ripley was used to prevent local authorities in countries outside the United States from accessing information that could be used against Uber in court. In some of these cases, the Bloomberg article said, police had secured warrants to search Uber’s databases.

Yoo reportedly told staff to install encryption services and to log off computers after 60 seconds of inactivity following police raids in Brussels and Paris in early 2015. Bloomberg wrote that Yoo also proposed testing an app that would counter such raids.

from Taxi Leaks