Fighting The Wrong Enemy : Mayor of London Sadiq Khan does it again!

We've now got gender neutral toilets! 
Toilets for use by bus drivers only!
He's introduced the Hopper Fare!
And now special coffee cup recycling bins! 
£6m quids worth of them in fact! 

Amazing...he can introduce coffee cup bins, cheap bus fares, gender neutral loos....and yet he can't stop London's women being sexually assaulted and raped by UBER drivers.

Last year Khan and TfL had the perfect opportunity to revoke Uber's Licence...remember his promise when canvassing for the job of Mayor..."if Uber commit one contravention, I will be the Mayor who shuts them down."

We've heard today that Lyft has been talking to TfL about a London licence for their ride share app. 

Russia have been suspended from the Winter Olympics. They are appealing to the courts but still, are not allowed to compete in any event!
Uber's licence has not been renewed over public safety issues, TfL found Uber were not fit and proper to hold an operators licence. Yet TfL say they must be allowed to carry on operating while awaiting an appeal which could take up to 3 years to complete!
TfL bottled it when it came to revoking Uber's licence, it's as simple as that.

Our largest representative org refuse to go up against TfL's decision in any way. 
Is this their way of best representing their subscribers....or best way of keeping onside with the regulator?

Earlier this week, three London Cabbies took on Uber in the court, off their own back with no outside help from any trade org. Their action had a victorious outcome. And yet, an email from Steve McNamara was allegedly sent to the LTDA's members claiming that the story published on social media was not as it seems.

When are the rank and file drivers going to understand that the engagement policy is no more than a gagging order!
It's time to cheer up this policy. We should not be going to TfL cap in hand, they should be coming to us, on our terms, for fully minuted meetings with all orgs, big or small.

It's time the trade woke up to the fact that Uber are not our biggest threat....that title lays at the feet of TfL.

from Taxi Leaks