Uber Are Complaining Pam's PSA Advertisement Is Continuing To Mislead.

They went on to say Uber has a responsibility to contribute to safety, help fight tough issues and mitigate any incidents. That's why we focus on safety before, during, and after every ride through technology and stand with top organizations in the fight against harassment and assault of women.

Unfortunately the facts appear not to back up this statement. In London sexual assaults by Uber Customers who have experienced problems with driver advances say complaints have not been passed on to authorities. Uber London has no landline for customer feedback. 

"Pamela Anderson is back to taking aim at ride-hail apps and the drivers she believes aren't properly vetted ... now tying them to the #MeToo movement.
This observation is backed up by the fact that in London alone, 13,000 of their drivers submitted fake enhanced criminal record check certificates, along with many drivers submitting fake medical passes. 


Pam stars in a new ad/PSA in which she's surrounded by headlines about sexual misconduct in Hollywood and the #MeToo movement, when a rideshare app driver pulls up.

The tension rises as the driver ominously stares at Pam through the rear view mirror and locks the doors -- all while #MeToo flashes on her phone. 

Pam released a similar PSA last year, but this one definitely ups the ante, and has certainly upset Uber bosses and drivers alike.

Pam has released a statement about her new ad, saying in part ... "Ride-hail apps are a haven for predators. It’s scary how many #metoo tweets are linked to ride-hailing."
Again her claims are backed up by the sexual assault statistics of Uber driver attacks on customers in London, up 50% on last years stats, equating to one attack a week.

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