The ITA Urge London Taxi Drivers Concerned About Their Livelihood To Join Them At The Elephant And Castle Today 3:30 pm

The driver led Proactive ITA will be holding a mass ply for hire this afternoon at the Elephant and Castle, 3:30 pm. 

They are hoping to draw awareness to the fact that TfL have conspired and colluded with, an illegal, unfit private hire operator. 

Today's gathering is just the first in a series of gatherings which will take place this week.

The ITA urge every driver, concerned about their livelihood to attend. 

Below is a list of grievances currently being experienced by London's Licensed Taxi drivers. 

• TfL, are currently allowing an unlicensed, unfit and illegal operator to flout the law

• TfL are currently allowing a third of the unlicensed, unfit, illegal operator's workforce (13,000 drivers) to work in London, after presenting fake DBS certificates when applying for their private hire licence

• TfL are allowing private hire drivers to work, after producing fake medical certificates when applying for their private hire licence

• TfL are allowing Private hire drivers to illegal accept direct hirings in their car

• TfL accept private hire drivers who's licenses have been revoked by other licensing authorities

• TfL colluded with an unfit operator during a police investigation

• TfL conspired with an unfit operator to streamline private hire applications

• TfL refused to initiate checks on an unfit private hire operator for 5 years

• TfL assisted an unfit operator to illegally circumnavigate regulations

• TfL lied to the GLA about PH on/off insurance cover

• TfL lied to the GLA about checking an unfit, illegal operators modus operandi

• TfL lied to the GLA about an unfit, illegal operator's nonexistent contact phone number

• TfL have caused mental, physical and financial stress to legitimate licensed Taxi drivers. 

from Taxi Leaks