PC Stephen Mitchell, who? you might ask... by Marc Turner.

John Worboys, he's an household name due to the press and media informing on an hourly basis of every twist and turn in the saga of his shocking early parole.

Mitchell and Worboys have much in common. Both committed their dastardly deeds against women, while in positions of trust. Then unexpectedly, without warning, paroled early. Worboys was a London Taxi driver. Mitchell, was a Police Constable for Northumbria Police.

Both were sentenced to life, with similar minimum terms for their crimes. They were expected to rot in jail, and not be heard of till they perished.

The London Taxi driving fraternity was so up in arms over the disgusting antics of Worboys, that if death by lethal injection was allowed.There would be no shortage of cabbies volunteering to administer the dose!!!

What appears to be inequitable is the disproportionate press/media attention between these two cases.

Why does Worboys merit so much intense national coverage, while Mitchell does not? Both dangerous to women. Their crimes equally as heinous. 

Seems to be an agenda here. We have a prime minister, who last year whist a judge was in deliberation regards an employment tribunal appeal, spoke in favour of the appellant (Uber). Most unusual. Then last week in Davos, at the World Economic Summit, decided to give the same 'disruptor' a primetime endorsement!

This's where the press/media, some acting as government puppets, come in. Mitchell is of no interest/importance  to the Tories and media. They see him as a bad apple, and prefer not to demoralize the short staffed, underfunded police force.

Worboys is a different kettle of fish. He' s the parole boards unwitting  gift to the Tories and press/media cronies to bludgeon the London licensed Taxi trade.

In the 364 year history of hackney carriages (Taxis) it has never/ever harboured anybody of the infamy of Worboys. That's a good conduct record other industries and institutions could only dream of 

Perhaps the rants and accusations of President Trump against the press/media have a grain of truth about them, if the unequal reportage of Worboys/Mitchell, is anything to go by!

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