New Justice Secretary To Review Worboys Parole After Pressure From Cabinet Colleagues

Justice Secretary David Gauke has requested advice from lawyers on whether the release of black cab rapist John Worboys could be challenged in court.

The decision of the Parole Board to approve the release of Worboys later this month caused outrage amongst his victims, charities and MPs.

According to the Sunday Times, Mr Gauke, who became Justice Secretary last Monday, has come under pressure from four fellow Cabinet ministers to bring a judicial review of the decision.

In a statement, a Ministry of Justice spokesperson confirmed lawyers had been asked to make an assessment on the merits of an intervention.

Although we were told the parole board decision was final and couldn't be changed, we are now told that's not the case. 

Can these four fellow cabin ate members now put pressure on the Justice secretary David Gauke to now have a look at a few other problems the London Taxi trade have been told can't be amended or changed.

Let's see this man put a complete halt to the unsafe, illegal car service, currently working on a theoretical licence in the interest of public safety!

Let's see him put an immediate stop on the 12,000 private hire drivers with fake DBS criminal record check DBS certificate!
Let's see him revoke the licenses of the many hundreds of private hire drivers who presented fake medical checks!

This posted earlier today on the LCDC FaceBook group by Chairman of the LCDC Grant Davis :

Let’s hope the Justice system sees sense and reviews this whole situation:
And why they are at it, let’s scrape the whole PH “letter of good conduct sham” and also put a stop to the remaining 12,000 PH drivers with fake DBS working and putting woman at risk!

If the Govt actually want to do something for woman safety, let’s do it properly for woman’s safety now and going forwards.

from Taxi Leaks