Lenny Etheridge, In Reply To Taxi Leaks Post On Uber Credit Cars Fraud

Why is fraud being dealt with by Uber and not the Met Police  or UKSFO?

If someone is being charged for a journey on a different continent, why are Uber not informing the police?

Why are the police not dealing with this?
Is it because the card fraud crime figures would go through the roof?

Have the Met police been told not to get involved by Number 10 or the Mayor of London, to keep these embarrassing escalating crime stats down?

If this were any company other than Uber, they would be investigated.

Uber have form for keeping criminal offences secret from the police....are they doing again?

Make no mistake, credit card fraud is a crime

If you have been the victim of fraud, don't allow the instigator to deal with it, inform the proper authorities.

It's a crime every time a card is cloned, or used fraudulently.

But Barclays won’t be investigating this, they don't want you reporting it either.
Because Uber are their partners.

The banks as a whole don't want you knowing how easy it is to steal your money, because banks are meant to be safe.

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