ITA Statement After Five Days Of Protests

The ITA’s goal, was to get our plight media coverage. Five days - everyday made national press, TV and radio. In answer to the Mayor of London and TfL's misinformation to the media, that they have no choice in allowing Uber to continue to trade, although deemed "not fit and proper". Also to hurt our nemesis, (TfL), by stopping/slowing buses. 

 At the all trade meeting with Mike Brown on Tuesday, our Orgs were fobbed off with "cannot talk about Uber license". 

This situation has been stage managed by TfL and aided by the Mayor. Uber should have had its license rightly revoked. It's a facade.

TfL claim they have to let Uber continue to operate while the appeal runs its course, this is not true. Under the Act of 1998 sec 26(2) they can revoke Uber’s licence in the same fashion they revoked Sean Stockings’ licence. Sean was thrown out of work for seven months while his appeal was taking place. 

Every time TfL and another complicit Mayor makes a decision that is unjust and affects our trade, we must make TfL and the mayor pay, and inform the media of wrongdoings. 

A single protest has no real effect. We cannot sit on our hands and hope bad people do right by us.

Our next targets may not be in the form of week long protests. They might be state visits. Every function Sadiq Khan or Theresa May attends. They will be high profile. 

 Otherwise how do we make the world aware that TfL are selling off our lives to the highest bidder?

Our ultimate aim is to force Sadiq Khan to call on this Government for a transparent public inquiry into TfL's unhealthy relationship with Uber. We want all the old faces dragged back to be examined under oath. "Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done."
We will never give up! 
Those who give up, achieve nothing! 
We're in this for the long hall.

Everyday our friends are gathering evidence. At every opportunity we will strike to make the public and media aware of the amount of corruption that has led to TfL's criminal acts.

What our detractors fail to realise is we sacrificed our living to protest.  The leaflets, our placards, everything is paid by us. We don't collect subs. We don't get paid. 

We suffer for our cause.
We can't make drivers fight for their jobs, but collaboration with TfL is not an option.

The LCDC and GMB supported the protests, and the man whom is likely to lead the RMT branch was there everyday. 

No Sections are in place to stop an Org wishing its participating members well, or stopping an Org leader from joining our protest as an individual cab driver.

TfL know exactly who we are. 
It's an open secret, we spoke openly to Chapman and Blake last year. 
Too many leaders accommodating TfL. Giving TfL an easy time. 
Meetings merely gathering points where Org reps are told what to go back and tell their members.

 We need a few to stand and say 
"No! No this isn't happening! 
This is unacceptable”

We will keep on protesting against injustice.

There's a reason 60% of the trade are not allied to an Org or Union. They feel disenfranchised. They see prospective leaders having cosy chats and appeasing TfL. 

How many of the 40% who are in an Org, are in it just for the (fragile) legal cover?

The fight for our jobs goes on.



from Taxi Leaks