Have Gett Got It Wrong Again ? Have Their Data System Been Hacked ?

Gett tell their drivers, don't worry about selling out your trade or your hard earned knowledge to a third party... They are going to pay you for it!

Is that what they think our knowledge is worth to us, that it's ok to give it to a third party for a few quid? 

After the news broke about the Mobileye mapping project that will be used to program driverless Uber cars, Gett sent out this notice to a trade org. 


We have had some questions about the agreement with Mobileye  about mapping for autonomous vehicles.
This has nothing to do with routing or the knowledge. It is simply about building up more detailed maps of London's roads.

Many vehicles are likely to be offered these mapping boxes including, we imagine, buses, scooters, PHVs , and other fleet vehicles.

As drivers will be paid for having them, it seems sensible to at least have a conversation with Mobileye to make sure some of the revenue from the mapping project could end up in cabdrivers pockets rather than anyone else's.

If it went ahead it would be entirely voluntary of course. We don't have any dates for the project.


Have Gett's data systems been hacked?

Drivers on the app are reporting phone calls from a withheld number purporting to be from Gett, asking for bank details. Although they have issued a warning to their drivers, questions need answers as to how Gett driver phone numbers have been acquired!

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