ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, You Got Two Choices, Fight Back....Or Die

As the London Taxi Trade lays down dying, the media vultures pick away at our carcass. 

Van driver ploughs into muslim worshippers in Findsbury Park and it's all over the TV and papers for weeks....Uber driver purposely mows down pedestrians in Exhibition Road.....and there's a media blackout!

Third party multinationals like Ford, Shell, VW, Volvo are now queuing up, waiting to take a slice of our everyday business, sucking the blood away from our life forms. Every Tom Dick And Harry has an idea how to procure our livelihood. 

Given the green light by TfL, hop on hope off shuttle from Ford.

BWM’s DriveNow and Daimler’s Car2Go services to join together. 

The press and TV media are of course, in the 'swindle' as are our licensing regulator and even our Prime Minister. How come she can tell Europe to Save Uber, but we can’t talk about it to Mike Brown...how come our orgs in the New a United Trade Group, stood for this???

Everyone seems to have vested interests in pulling down the best, most professional Taxi service in the world. Instead of being proud of our 365 years of excellent service, they continue to force feed fake news into the media for public consumption. Sean Paul Day warned this would happen months ago, did no one take any notice???

Sean said:
The Secretary of State and the Department of Transport ignore human rights violations in favour the market.

Whilst the political drive in the USA is forcing Uber to recognise labour rights, and resistance in Europe shows no sign of abating, Transport for London, at the behest of the U.K. Government are ploughing ahead to amend regulations to accommodate Uber in its entirety. 

Uber's history of violations and the protests knows no boundaries. For Uber, no money is bad money! 

Read the who,e of Sean's post here:

Let's not forget the way TfL PCO's were used to protect Uber image when an Uber driver got 12 years for rape. PCO's were confiscating copies of the Taxi Magazine left on Taxi rear window shelves.

Let's not forget about the 13,000 fake DBS certificates swept under TfLs dirty carpet for seven months. Even now, only 2,600 have reapplied and the rest are still working on fake documents. Could have major convictions for violence, drug offences and even sexual predators.

No Friends In The National Media:
No mention in the media of the wonderful work done by Mike Hughes and Poppy Cabs, or Dean Thomas with his warm clothing appeal and regular feeding the homeless outside Charing Cross Police Station. 

No mention of the Taxi War veterans charity trips, the Underprivileged Children’s outings, the trips to Disneyland Parish with seriously sick children. 

One seriously rotten apple in our 365 years, its in the headlines for a month. 

This onslaught has been unintentionally supported by our trades weak representation, not helped by continual infighting.... and they wonder why no one's signing on to the Knowledge. 

The time for just getting on with it ...is over
The time for waiting to see what’s gonna happen next week, next month, next year... is over
The time for sitting back and letting others do the fighting... is over.

This wonderful trade of ours is at a crossroads, with two choices:

Forget about our wonderful tradition and 365 years of history....and lay down and die!!!
Or stand together, backs against the wall, and fight.

Diplomacy and good behaviour isn't working 
Enough is enough... It's time to get down and fight dirty.

Make no bones about it...the ITA's five days of demos hit TfL hard in the wallet. 
It couldn't have come at a worst time for them, as they've just announced a massive deficit in their budget.

Let's send them this message:

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