Day 5 : ITA Exercising Our Right To Legitimate Protest. Biggest AndBest So Far.

Yesterday's massive demonstration saw thousands of Taxis flock to London Bridge, with drivers protesting against TfL's reasons for allowing an illegal dangerous app to continue to function without a licence.

The protest was a fantastic success, the largest attendance so far. Drivers realising that the diplomatic route isn't working and now it's time for direct action. 

The venue London Bridge, was attacked in a pincer like operation, with Taxis coming up from Blackfriars staton along Cannon Street and venturing south over the bridge. The second claw left Great Southwark Street and heading north across the bridge. 

The surrounding area was bought to complete gridlock. 
The police cordoned off access to the bridge but were allowing Taxis to join their colleagues on the protest. 

In all the police were great and allowed drivers to protest unhindered. However a couple of TfL spy's were seen illegally taking photos and notes.

So many Taxis turned up, they had to be diverted to Tower Bridge which was also bought to a standstill.

Today's Venue has been arranged but will be kept off social media until closer to the event.
So listen out on your WhatsApp groups, or word of mouth on the ranks and shelters. 

Well done everyone involved, let's make today the biggest and best attended so far. 

from Taxi Leaks