Councils Join Tory Attack On The Licensed Taxi Trade With No Go Areas.

In the wake of the Bank Junction Taxi access scandal, and with Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road, and Baker Street to follow suit, Camden and Hackney have unveiled plans to ban Taxis from more of our working area.

If you are going to be weak, just sit back, bend over and get shafted without a fight, there will be much more to follow. 

If you are expecting your org to fight tooth and nail on your behalf, you are very misguided. 
The members of the New United Trade Group have all signed a good behaviour clause in the new engagement policy, so won’t be doing anything on your behalf that might upset TfL, for fear of exclusion from the secret, un-minuted meetings. 

We need leaders will backbone! 
Not unopened war chests

It’s time to stand up and say:“ENOUGH’s ENOUGH”.

We need a War Council, not self-interested egotistic empire builders
Because that’s exactly what we are facing, a war on Taxis drivers and our trade. 

While London’s Cabbies are stressing over how they are going to find the money to pay their tax bills, Theresa May stands up and tells Europe ‘we must save’ Uber, an illegally operating predatory company that doesn’t pay UK taxes, a company her husband has a conflict of interest in with his investment group.
You couldn’t make it up. 

A New Game's Afoot! 
Both Camden and Hackney have published online consultations, but don’t count on them as they(like TfL) take no notice if consultations... they just go in and do what ever they want, knowing that any resistance will be weak. 

Camden’s consultation closes on the 20th of February 2018. 

Up for closure...Frederick St, to be joined by roads around Mount Pleasant. If you feel you’d like to have your opinion heard, click this link below:

The biggest threat to your right to ply for hire is being launched by Hackney again. 
If you’d like to be heard, click their link below:

The Hackney consultation is about the closure of several streets around Shoreditch to all but electric vehicles. It will be many years before the majority of London Taxis are electric.

Remember the proposed 20mph around schools that were suddenly rolled out borough wide, and then quickly escalated to neighbouring boroughs?
If access is restricted in Shoreditch, it won’t be long before other boroughs follow suit. 


Another kick in the wallet comes from Westminster City Council who never wanting to miss a revenue raising trick, have now implemented new parking charges to pre 2015 diesel Taxis, 50% higher than petrol vehicles.

from Taxi Leaks