The Unblock The Embankment Group, Meet The City Corporation Along With Chris Hayward.

The Unblock the Embankment Group (see ) is a group that was formed to oppose the closure of the Embankment and Lower/Upper Thames Street route for 6 months, for the construction of a new Super Sewer. It seems they were successful in that regard. But they are now turned their focus on trying to persuade both TfL and the City Corporation, to reroute the Cycle Superhighway (CS3) altogether... to relieve the congestion on this important route. The recent meeting was attended by representatives of the City Corporation including Chris Hayward who chairs the Planning and Transportation Committee. Hayward actually said in the meeting, that CS3 has unquestionably made congestion worse, with which I don’t think anyone would disagree. Journey times across London (e.g. City to Westminster and back) have increased substantially, basically because there are no good alternative routes.Believe it or not, one issue raised was that the poor cyclists on the CS3 superh…

Press Statement from The ITA ... Re: Camden Council & Taxis

On the 27th Dec 2018, the ITA decided to uphold the motion to call direct action over the decision made by the Camden Council to restrict access to licensed taxis using Tottenham Court Road between 07h – 19h.  The static protest will commence at 16:00, week beginning 21St January 2019. The time and location of the protest is subject to change and will be ongoing The decision is in response to concerns by  officials that the security risk could rise if the area became ‘over populated’, The point must be emphasised that whilst the ITA considersstatements that pertain to a compromise in safety, we will always question and research the legitimacy of  that statement. 
The ITA has it’s own thorough checks and balances set in place before direct action is announced publicly. More-so, the propensity for local authorities to ‘scare monger’ is a tried and tested one, and we will not succumb to disingenuous rhetoric to justify unjust policies There is at the moment there is an agenda to scale up cab…

Taxi Trade Asks Sadiq And TfL, ‘Where’s The Missing £3m?’

Having allegedly misappropriated £22m of funding, supposedly ring-fenced and set aside for payments towards the decommissioning of diesel Licensed Taxis.....there appears to be another problem with the residual funding, as figures published do not add up to the expected renaming £18m. Let's look at the figures posted on TFL's Website :-250 x £10,000...2,500,000250 x £9,000. ...2,250,000250 x £8,000. ...2,000,000250 x £7,000. ...1,750,000250 x £6,000. ...1,500,000250 x £5,000. ...1,250,000250 x £4,000. ...1,000,000250 x £3,000. ...750,000500 x £2,000. ...1,000,0001000 x £1000. ...1,000,000Total decommissioning allowance £15,mSo where's the missing  £3m. Who’s been doing Sadiq Khans Accounting... is it Dianne Abbott ?That's another £3m on top of the £22m Khan has already taken off the Taxi Trade.After all the grants are paid to drivers decommissioning their Taxi’s that no one in their right mind wants to buy, the figures published on TfL’s website show a missing deficit …
from Taxi Leaks
via IFTTT Editorial January 19, 2019 at 10:30AM Call 01908 263263 for airport taxi service Milton Keynes Area

Before Charging For Pollution ... You Have To Creat It :

“East to West, Embankment best.” That’s what taxi drivers used to say about driving across London. Ask them about the Embankment today and the response is unprintable.
The stretch between Westminster Bridge and Tower Hill is London’s most important east-west carriageway. It links the fast-growing Docklands area with central London. It’s one of the main routes out from the centre towards the Blackwall Tunnel, Kent and the Channel ports. Jobs in places such as the City, Canary Wharf and London City Airport all depend on it.Never the most free-flowing of London’s roads, since 2016 the congestion has grown even worse, affecting construction workers, hauliers, freight drivers and white-van drivers, people who don’t get a say in London’s bitterly contested transport politics but who keep our city working and growing.    In 2016 TfL removed one of the two eastbound traffic lanes on the Embankment to make way for a cycle superhighway. At a stroke, this reduced one of London’s busiest A-roads t…

Great News From Spain : Uber Pre Booking To Be Mandatory 6 Hours In Advance !

Great news from Spain (article in French) :  * Mandatory pre-booking in advance (6 to 12 hours) for PHVs/Uber  New Law voted before 25th January & promulgated before 05th April 2019  * Lawmakers drafted the Law in such a way that it'll be impossible to invalidate  Article below from ‘Le Petit Journal’ translation from French to English uncensored.
If you thought the Uber and Cabify conflict had been resolved, it's far from being the case. The Generalitat will adopt in the coming days two decrees of laws sharply limiting Uber and Cabify in Catalonia. This new regulation could lead to their permanent closure. The Generalitat is in the process of bringing the hardest blow of recent years to the companies VTC Uber and Cabify. According to the documents to which Teknautas - the technological magazine of the daily newspaper El Confidencial - had access, the government will approve in the coming days two new decrees that will modify the Catalan transport law and impose a new limitation…

London Taxi Trade Robbed Of 22 Million Pounds Ring-Fenced Funding By Skint TfL.

Last January,  Daniel Jones and three other men were ordered to pay a combined £6,396,273 between them, after it was found they benefitted from an estimated £13.69m worth of stolen cash, gold and gems, taken from a vault in Hatton Garden. 

But just a year down the road, we see another heist worth almost double the Hatton Garden job, but this time with the perpetrators getting off scot-free with the loot.

There was a time that to pull off a heist worth millions of pounds you’d need a team of tough guys, desperadoes, a gang, a team, a firm.....but not any more....this is the face of modern robbers 

But now we see one of the biggest heists in the history of London where a couple of untrustworthy, public servants have taken the Taxi Trade for £22m without any effort, where balaclavas and sawn off shot guns have been replaced by a simple a pen and a lot of hotspur.   
The London Taxi Trade were given £40 million pounds to help drivers switch to an electric powered purpose built Taxi.
This money…

LCDC Chairman Grant Davis On TfL’s 12year Age Limit CON....

TfL have stolen £23m of our money that was supposed to be ring-fenced....because they are 'a bit skint'!They wasn't that skint when they paid off Leon 'the liar' Daniels, or Garrett 'Rett Russell' Emerson, with golden handshakes, and gold plated pensions.THINK WE'RE NOT IN BIG TROUBLE...THINK AGAIN!Not only have tfL stolen our money, they are currently planning to ban us from major streets. Streets where we exercise our right of 360 years to ply for hire. That is the same right that gives TFL's buses the right to ply for trade. We 'are' London's public transport.... and this mayor is bent on taking away our status, our right to ply for trade. But it doesn't stop there.New TXe 15 years age limit (for now)....But what happens when TfL say “This TXe uses dirty petrol most of the time, we have to replace it with fully electric vehicle”LPG conversion Cabs (£10k) will get the same age limit as diesel. No longer the extra 5 years for the in…

Who Needs Enemies...With Friends Like These : News From The Front Line.... by Tony Casey

It appears the Taxi Trade has again been stabbed in the back by the enemy within.  At the recent "all trade" meeting with TfL, both Steve McNamara (LTDA) and Jim Kelly (Unite) said nothing of substance against the proposed twelve year age-limit that both the Mayor and TfL want to introduce.Not only limiting the vehicles life to 12 years, TfL are also proposing to ban the extra year you can currently get by replaying the vehicle a month early at 14 year 11 month. So they are actually taking four years off our current Taxi’s working Life, regardless of condition. The Taxi Garages owners have the opportunity to shout from the ROOFTOPS at their separate meeting with TFL which will be held shortly. With older cabs taken off the road, it is feared there will be a sharp rental increase, alleged to be in the region of 20% by one rental garage. Alex Moffat the head vehicle engineer back in 2015 allegedly said "there will be 5 new vehicles to choose from by 2018" but, we hav…

BBC's Tom Edwards Say 'London Taxi Demos Are Old News So Won't Get Covered' Jim Thomas

After watching the coverage generated on TV news media yesterday, I decided to contact the BBC and their in the spot transport correspondence Tom Edwards through the medium of social media  (twitter accounts) 
I said I was surprised to see so much coverage as they BBC have never shown this much interest in London Taxi demos. 
This was the patronising answer I receive from veteran correspondent Tom : Well it was new and a new issue .. generally demos on the same issue I’m afraid get reduced coverage as time goes on.. as the issue has been covered. Bests

Mind you, Tom's report missed out the fact that the demo had to start late, as the Uber drivers put out the wrong post code (SE1 1NJ St Joseph's Roman Catholic School), so most of the demonstrators when to a different venue at the Borough. Bought back memories of their 250,000 signature petition that Uber managed to delive to the wrong address, when TfL stated they wouldn't renew the operators licence as Uber wasn't fit and …