17 August 2018

Apple to launch new self driving car as Uber investors cool interest

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There is good news for Apple fans as reports state the company will launch an augmented reality (AR) headset and an Apple Car by 2025.
The company, which became the first US listed trillion dollar company at the start of August, hopes to do to cars what it did to mobile phones. According to Sky News, Ming-Chi Kuo, a veteran Apple analyst for TF International Securities, has told investors that he expects to see Apple launch a car sometime between 2023 and 2025. The self-driving car programme has been rumoured for years although ‘Project Titan’ as it is known, has never been formally acknowledged. In an article on ‘MacRumours’ the car will be positioned as the company’s “next star product” and strategists hope it will have as disruptive an effect on the market as the iPhone did in 2007 when it was launched. Kuo’s note states: “We expect that Apple Car, which will likely be launched in 2023, will be the next star product.” This is based on the belief that the technological advancements being made is the “same as the smartphone sector 10 years ago.” In stark contrast, Uber’s self driving car development has been hit by investors who want it to concentrate on the ride hailing parts of its business. Once touted as the project which would take the company out of the red, its financial backers are now suggesting to Uber that they should shed that part of the business before the PR situation gets any worse.
It has been the subject of a high profile court case, banned from San Fransisco and killed a pedestrian in Arizona on top of costing $125 million it loses every quarter. minimum wage. But whilst it does have significant financial backers it does not have that kind of money to burn on a project which has resulted in someone’s death. It is becoming profitable as it expands its markets but it still lost around $600 million in the last quarter. If it wants to float on the stock exchange, it will need to have a more positive balance sheet. The question will be whether the news by Apple will motivate the company into further investment and development on the project which has always been a part of its future; taking out the human element of the transport process by removing the need for so many drivers who have been the cause for many of its negative press stories and increased its burden with court rulings deciding they were entitled to some employment rights. Uber ideally would transition its vast customer base away from Uber’s “contractors” and their self-owned cars, and towards a fleet of autonomous vehicles owned and operated by Uber. Under this business model they would be able to keep all the revenue for themselves and finally be profitable. Or will the news that Apple are moving into the market make investors say firmly that Uber needs to concentrate on the current business model which it is best known for? If that is the case, it needs to calculate if that business model without the autonomous vehicles is sustainable in the long term.
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16 August 2018

London: Weekly traffic roads and events update

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A100 Byward Street / Tower Hill junction with Trinity Square
Works to improve Trinity Square that began on 11 January will be completed this summerVictoria Embankment
Monday 6 August - mid-September 2018
Cadent Gas is carrying out essential gas works on Victoria Embankment by Blackfriars Underpass from 6 August until mid-September 2018. As a result, Victoria Embankment is closed westbound between Southwark Bridge and Westminster Bridge. Read more to find information on alternative travel routes and how you will be affectedEuston Station
Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August 2018
There will be no services to or from London Euston on Saturday and Sunday, due to Network Rail track and infrastructure work to enable High Speed Two.
Under the Stars
Thursday 16 - Sunday 19 August 2018
A musical event held in Central Park, East Ham between 18:30 and 22:45 each evening • Up to 10,000 people are expected to attend from Thursday to Saturday, but numbers are expected to increase on Sunday evening as the event concludes with a fireworks display • There are no planned road closures but expect delays around Central Park as pedestrian and traffic levels increaseElrow (Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park)
Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August 2018 • There will be taxi marshals on site at the Copper Box (Here East) from 21:00 until 00:00 on both days of the eventArena eventsTuesday 14 – Sunday 19 AugustO2 Area, North Greenwich 11:00 to 21:00 – Walking with Dinosaurs
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Changes to New York City cab legislation see Uber looking for ways around the bill

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With ride-sharing operators, seemingly "cut off at the ankles" by New York City Council last week, after several bills were passed by an overwhelming majority, it hasn't taken long for Uber to try to circumvent some of the legislation, which may "reel them in."One of the bills to be passed by New York City Council, is to cap the number of vehicles licensed in the city, for at least the next twelve months. This act would mean that Uber, Lyft, as well as other ridesharing companies, would be unable to continue flooding New York City's streets with drivers, or so you would be forgiven for thinking.The bill itself will cap the number of vehicles, and not drivers, therefore one of the plans to circumvent the legislation will be to offer a vehicle share scheme to drivers, whereby Uber's owner/drivers who may not work for two or three days per week will be contacted to ask if they would consider loaning their vehicle to new drivers on the platform, thus keeping as many Uber vehicles on the road as possible.One of the other possibilities being considered by Uber is to offer current livery drivers, which include both traditional yellow taxis as well as black-car drivers the opportunity to join the platform. This may be considered an extremely controversial measure given the recent spate of suicides from within the taxi industry in New York City, tragedies which sparked major protests against Uber and Lyft and subsequently led to the new legislation being drawn-up.Another feature of the new bill will be a minimum wage structure for drivers who are on ride-sharing platforms, something which Uber is not opposed to. The Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) will be conducting a study to analyse the impact that companies such as Uber and Lyft are having on the taxi industry as well as other transportation entities, whilst the year long vehicle cap is in situ.It is expected that Mayor Bill de Blasio will sign off on the legislation this week.
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