18 July 2018

London Taxi Knowledge Examiners Scale New Peaks

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Knowledge examiners are normally associated with giving prospective cabbies a hard time have completed a gruelling challenge of their own. The hardy group, which included six examiners and a dozen Taxi and Private Hire staff members from TfL, successfully scaled four punishing peaks in Wales. The hike included taking on Pen y Fan – the highest peak in south Wales – and has raised thousands of pounds for some of the trade’s best loved charities. It was organised by Knowledge of London examiner Jonathan Harvey, who had the idea to raise money for the taxi charities while doing something which would help different departments within TPH collaborate. Jonathan said: “We’ve raised around £4,000 so far, which is going towards the Children’s Magical Taxi Tour, Albany Taxi Charity, London Taxi Drivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children, Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, and East London Cabbies’ Outing, but there’s still time to donate and it would be great if we can raise even more money for these wonderful charities.” SAS soldiers are known to train at Pen y Fan, which is situated in the Brecon Beacons National Park. At 886 metres above sea-level, it is also the highest British peak south of Cadair Idris n Snowdonia. The other three peaks were Corn du, Cribin & Fan Y Big. The taxi team’s training included eight training weekends at Box Hill in Surrey.
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Shame He Wasn't Working For Uber...He Could Have Got A Not Guilty From An 'On Side' Magistrate???

Milton Keynes Council and Thames Valley Police have shown London, Reading and York, how to put together a case against a Privat Hire driver, illegally plying for hire outside his licensed area, after TfL and Reading council failed miserably to bring Uber to book.

Still it must be said that Uber appear to bring  with them their own sympathetic judiciary and also appear to be able to get away with perjury on an industrial level.

When was the last time were saw in the media that an Uber driver had been successfully prosecuted by TfL or the Met???
Even the palace terrorist attacker, who drive at a police car and towards the Gates of Buckingham Palace, then attacked police officers with a Samurai sword has had his case thrown out of court as the jury unbelievably couldn't agree that he'd committed a crime.....you couldn't make this stuf up!!!

The Exhibition Road Uber driver, who ploughed into pedestrians outside the National History Museum had been the subject of a media gagging order....just how deep does government interference and cover ups go??? 

Meanwhile, outside London:
Private hire driver Mobeen Shabbir, has been prosecuted after being caught picking up a passenger illegally - plying for hire - known as ‘blagging’ - in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes Magistrates’ heard the case last Friday (13 July 2018) after a joint enforcement operation carried out by MK Council and Thames Valley Police in January 2018.

Mobeen Shabbir of Luton attended court and pleaded guilty to plying for hire and driving without valid motor insurance in January 2018.

He was fined £40 for plying for hire and £120 for invalid insurance. He was also given 8 DVLA penalty points and has to pay costs of £300, with a victim surcharge of £30.

At the time of the offence(s) his vehicle was operated by Royal Cabs. Mr Shabbir is currently licensed by Aylesbury Vale District Council who will take appropriate action concerning his licence.

The court heard that on 28 January 2018 Council Taxi Licensing Officers and Thames Valley Police were in a marked police vehicle conducting roadside checks on licensed vehicles. At approximately 12:20am police stopped Mr Shabbir’s vehicle on Grafton Street, Bleak Hall and it was found that the vehicle was defective and that the passenger had not pre-booked the vehicle.

Councillor Catriona Morris, Chair of the council’s Taxi Licensing Committee, said:“This case further illustrates the problem of illegal plying for hire or ‘blagging’ that is going on in Milton Keynes - mainly by drivers licensed by other councils.

"This case was not a test purchase exercise but a routine police stop and compliance check which has uncovered a serious unlawful practice where the passenger was not covered by the vehicle’s insurance policy and who’s safety was therefore at risk.

"This case clearly supports the Council’s ongoing test purchase programme and zero tolerance approach to drivers who illegally ply for hire in Milton Keynes."

She added: "This result will hopefully send a strong message to all drivers who want to take un-booked journeys that they will be caught and prosecuted. I would like to commend Council Officers and Thames Valley Police for their excellent work in stopping this vehicle and putting this offender before the court.

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17 July 2018

Millionaire cleared of threatening to kill Taxi driver with shotgun following fare dispute

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A millionaire company director who was accused of threatening to shoot dead a taxi driver with one of his hunting shotguns has been cleared of all charges. TaxiPointreported yesterday that James Willmott was facing a charge of possession of a shotgun with intent to cause fear of violence. Taxi driver Hanifur Rehman told a court that a dispute over a fare had broken out between himself and Willmott, whom he had picked up from Cardiff city centre along with five other men. According to the accusations, Willmott refused to pay the fare of £40 because he felt Rehman had attempted to raise the price to £60 due to them requesting a detour to pick up some late night McDonalds. When Rehman refused to leave Willmott's property, a large country home in Pendoylan, South Wales, Willmott threatened to go inside a get his shotgun and kill Rehman for trespassing. Rehman said Willmott then returned carrying a hunting shotgun which he then loaded and cocked in his direction. Armed police were called to the millionaires home and arrested Willmott who denied the accusations. Although during a search of the property the police found the gun described to them by Rehman, along with other weapons, Willmott was cleared of the charges by a jury of eight men and four women who took less than an hour to deliberate at Cardiff Crown Court. Mr Willmott admitted owning a 4ft-long shotgun but claims to never of brought it outside to threaten Mr Rehman with. Mr Willmott told the court: "I never took the gun outside. I never pointed the gun at him. The driver left. I went to bed".
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BMW to take on Uber as battle of the ride-sharing companies hots up

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It's been revealed that BMW are about to take on Uber and launch a ride-share service in Seattle.
As of July 17th, BMWs ride-sharing arm, ReachNow, will be able to "e-hail" or prebook a vehicle, running at a cost of $2.40 per mile plus $0.40 a minute. The minimum fare will be set at $3.24.
Riders will be able to specify certain criteria to each and every ride , such as choice of music or particular temperature.
The drivers will be supplied by a company called Ecoserve, with drivers working a set shift pattern.
Drivers will be paid a set figure of $14.25 per hour and receive a host of benefits. Drivers will be supplied vehicles at no cost to themselves.
BMW haven't, as yet, indicated if they plan to offer this service outside of Seattle. SK
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Police Telling Uber Passengers "Don't Travel Alone, Don't Tell Driver Where You Live After Yet Another UberRape

Unbelievably SAN ANTONIO police are giving out safety tips to young ladies to stop their Uber drivers raping them, after an Uber driver was arrested, following an accusation of sexually assaulting by a female passenger inside her apartment over the weekend.
Did they not consider revoking Uber's licence or at leas telling young ladies to get proper licensed Taxis?

On Saturday, July 14, the woman called police to report that she had been sexually assaulted by driver Jacobo Manuel Gutierrez, 32. 
According to the affidavit, the woman had been drinking at Slackers bar off Nacogdoches Road when she decided to call an Uber to take her home. 

During the ride, the woman said the driver stopped in a vacant parking lot and began touching her without consent.

Sounds familiar to the 48 Uber passengers who were raped by Uber drivers in London last year according to the Met Police statistics. 

The driver then drove the woman home and followed her into the apartment. Once inside, the woman said Gutierrez sexually assaulted her in her bedroom while she was unable to protect herself.

Gutierrez told police that he helped the woman into her apartment because she was drunk. He claims to have left his cell phone in the apartment and returned to find that she had called police.

During a police interview, Gutierrez eventually told officer that he had touched the woman inside the apartment and engaged in sexual activities.

Gutierrez was arrested and faces charges for sexual assault. 

Uber said the driver has been removed from the app and released the following statement:
“What’s been reported is horrible and has no place anywhere. We’ve provided information to the San Antonio Police Department and will continue to support their investigation and proceedings in any way possible."

"Be aware of your surroundings, always be aware of what's going on. This is probably the best advice I can give you," said SAPD Officer Carlos Ortiz.

Ortiz also says it's important for passengers, especially women, to be extra cautious when taking rides.
Along with keeping your eyes and ears open, don't drink too much and make sure the vehicle that pulls up matches the one you ordered. 
"When your vehicle comes up, taking a picture of the license plate of that vehicle, just making sure you have some evidence of the vehicle that you were in. That helps police a lot of times because running a plate - whether it's a Texas plate or not a state plate - gives us information on whole that vehicle is registered to," he said.

When it comes to your route getting home, Ortiz says you don't have to make the trip alone.
"One of the things that another person can do is use the pool or the ride share where you actually have to pick up another patron. This way there's two people in the vehicle," Ortiz said.

You can also use a different destination so the driver won't know where you live.
"Finding a well-lit area, a gas station, maybe that's 24-7 where there's going to be people around. Calling a friend or getting out and calling police. A lot of times we can try to help you out in situations that are tough when you're experiencing some sort of weird environment inside a taxi or maybe even a ride share," Ortiz said.

Not once did SADP police offer the advice of getting a legitimate licensed Taxi home. 

So the SAPD are saying 
"Don’t travel alone in an Uber, give a fake destination, don't get dropped off at your house, choose a public place, then get a friend to meet you there."
Then hope your account isn't charged falsely for a clean up job.

How is this company still allowed to operate? 

Meanwhile, here in London:  
How many serious sexual assaults are TfL responsible for since they allowed Uber to keep working by not revoking their licence last August when they decided Uber were not fit to operate?

Lives have been shattered which have devastated families across the capital. The TfL commission Mike Brown  and his directors at LTPH are responsible for these ruined lives.... they have blood on their hands for not protecting the public. 

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Uber agree $19.8 million dollar settlement with FTC

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Uber have agreed to a settlement, totalling just over $19.8 million, after the Federal Trade Commission sued the minicab giant.The case, which was brought by the FTC in the U.S, centred around misleading claims by Uber as to how much Uber drivers could earn as well as misleading lease term agreements.Uber had allegedly claimed, according to the FTC, that the average annual income for UberX drivers in New York was $90,000, whilst in San Fransisco it was $74,000.The FTC argued that these claims were inflated quite significantly, by as much as $20,000 to $30,000 per annum. Therefore, the average income was in fact around $61,000 in New York and $53,000 in San Francisco, furthermore under Less 10% of UberX drivers were able to earn the amounts Uber claimed as its average.Uber's vehicle solutions program also came under scrutiny. The scheme which assists drivers buying and leasing vehicles, had claimed it could get drivers into purchase agreements for as little as $560 per month and could arrange a vehicle lease for $476 per month. The reality was somewhat different, drivers had to pay $640 monthly for a leased vehicle and $800 monthly to purchase a car through the scheme, according to the FTC.A settlement was agreed between the FTC and Uber, whereby Uber agreed to stop making unsubstantiated claims surrounding a drivers earning potential as well as the cost of its finance deals.It was also agreed that Uber would compensate just under 89,000 drivers with a share of almost $20 million, amounting to around $223 per driver.There are concerns from some quarters that the $223 figure will be nowhere near enough to compensate drivers, who have been struggling to cope with the debt attributed to the cost of the vehicles.The refunds will start to be issued this week and will cover drivers working in 2014 and 2015, in cities where Uber recruited heavily.
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Millionaire company director pulls shotgun on Taxi driver and threatens to kill him over fare dispute

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A millionaire who took a taxi journey home to his large country home pointed a shotgun at his driver and threatened to kill him during a row over a £40 fare. Company director James Willmott, 37, in alleged to of loaded and cocked the black hunting shotgun in the direction of taxi driver Hanifur Rehman after a disagreement erupted over the cost of the taxi journey. A court heard Mr Rehman feared for his life and thought he was about to be executed on the accused driveway. Willmott and his five friends were picked up by Rehman in Cardiff's city centre and headed to the millionaires home. On route, the six men decided to detour to a McDonalds drive-thru to pick up a late night feast. Because of the detour, the cost of the journey went from £40 to £60 which Willmott was not happy about. A court heard that Willmott refused to pay the inflated fare of £60 and warned Rehman that if he doesn't leave his premises he will go inside a get one of his guns. Rehman was not sure if it was an empty threat but soon realised the reality of the situation when Willmott returned carrying the gun. Rehman told the court that at this moment he thought he was "finished". Mr Rehman also told the court that Willmott lifted the gun and loaded it three times, making a clicking sound. One of Willmott's friends managed to pull him back before he eventually paid the £40 fare. Rehman called 999 and informed them of the situation, stating that there was a gun at the location. Armed police moved in on the millionaires countryside home at Warren Farm in Pendoylan, South Wales and arrested Willmott, handcuffing him and escorting him from the premises.
According to a report in the Sun, police found "several" different weapons at the property, with some stored in a safe gun cabinet. Willmott denied possession of a shotgun with intent to cause fear of violence. The trial continues.
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