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10 October 2015

TAXI for Shafiq: Ex-Mayor of Milton Keynes linked to immigration 'racket'

Disgraced sex scandal mayor Subhan Shafiq is linked to an alleged
immigration racket that provides false documents for foreign workers, the
Citizen Newspaper can exclusively reveal.
An office at the councillor's business premises charges people £500 to
'pass' an English language test so they can be granted a UK visa.
Yet the certificates for the test, which should cost £50, are suspected
fakes with the name of the company spelled wrongly.
Mr Shafiq denies having any involvement, saying: "Rockfield Immigration just
rent a room in my premises."
This week the Citizen is handing evidence of this alleged fraud to police
and urging officers to launch an investigation into Mr Shafiq, who is a
member of the Thames Valley Police Advisory Group.
We are also echoing calls and petitions from the public for him to resign as
a councillor.
The alleged racket centres around Rockfield Immigration, one of a number of
businesses registered at a property owned by Mr Shafiq at one Wolverton
At the same premises he is registered as director of a motor accident claims
company, a tuition centre, and an international aerospace company.
"Subhan has a finger in so many pies and he does things to help people that
do not always seem right. But he is a very influential man in his community
and many are scared to speak out against him," said one source.
Over the past two decades the 42-year-old stalwart of Wolverton Mosque has
risen from taxi driver to a wealthy businessman with a portfolio of rental
But when Mr Shafiq was elected as councillor four years ago he neglected to
declare some of his business interests. He became Mayor in May but his
downfall began three months later when it was discovered he had given a
reference for his friend, convicted rapist Nadeem Kiani, to receive a taxi
A whistleblower has claimed two friends paid Subhan Shafiq £500 each for
fake immigration test certificates – without even sitting an exam.
"Their English was very bad. One of them could hardly speak a word. They
didn't have to have to take the test but got the certificates anyway.
"They looked fake because there was a spelling mistake on them," said the
whistleblower, who will talk to police. "
An undercover Citizen reporter called Rockfield Immigration on Wednesday
pretending to be an employer wanting English and Life in the UK certificates
for worker's visas.
We spoke to an Akhtar Hussain and said we had dealt with a Mr Shafiq on
previous occasions.
Mr Hussain said: "Subhan Shafiq? Yes, he can do this for you. First he needs
to see your people and their paperwork.
"The next course is on November 6."
When we enquired about the cost of the test Mr Hussain said it would be
around £400- £500.
Mr Shafiq would "sort it out", he said.

Misinformation, PH Consultation and the Seven Samurais Deregulation of the Cab Trade

An Open Letter To Mayor Boris Johnson, From Taxi Driver, Paul Salmon:

Dear Boris Johnson

I am writing regarding the immense pressure that you must be under regarding the Public and Private hire taxi trades and the other new kid on the block.

There appears to be much misinformation going around...

I saw some interviews of late between Steve McNamara of the LTDA and various oppositions. One point in particular came across quite ignorant from an interviewer strongly addressing the point on the 5 minute wait rule; she said it absolute bonkers to suggest that it is in the consumer’s interest to wait on the side of the road in the rain late at night as a vulnerable lady while her driver can’t pick her up because he has to kill five minutes to adhere to the proposed rule!!!!!

She is absolutely right why would anyone who wants a cab immediately want to wait for a “pre-booked minicab” when a taxi can be obtained in exactly the same way and can pick up immediately? At least the trades can agree on that one.

The Public Taxi industry and the Private Hire Minicab industry are 2 different services that are choice for the consumer. 

The former provides a public service for Londoners, Tourists and Disabled People and is fully regulated with a professional driver that has undergone an additional driving test, disabled requirement test and extensive knowledge testing. The driver must use a purpose built vehicle and is compelled to accept pick-ups, display a valid insurance certificate and use a meter that is set by its regulator. 

This service is for those who want an immediate ride without booking or notifying a separate operator and those confined to a wheelchair.

The latter is a private pre booked service that offers a partially regulated service that does not need to display insurance nor be a purpose built vehicle and is not compelled to take passengers including disabled and are also given the choice of what they can drive and charge and can vary the amount by personal choice throughout the day. 

This service is intended as a pre-book service and the driver will arrive at your location at your request via an operator. This service is usually cheaper on longer journeys.

Consumers have a choice and the Private Hire Consultation proposals are there to help improve the services. Technology is embraced by the consumer as we move into the digital age and the consultation is set up to improve safety and make the industries more viable and help give clarity to the laws.

If the five minute rule is not in the consumer’s interest it is no cause for tech firms to demonise the consultation entirely.

The consultation gives TFL the regulator the chance for public feedback. There is much animosity in the trade at the moment that needs addressing.

In order for the Public Taxi service and Private Hire Operators to continue to exist such clarity as defining a pre-booked service to an immediate pick up service need to be defined. A five minute stipulation is a very relaxed proposal to a pre- booked service. If consideration such as waiting for the car to arrive is off set against the 5 minutes then one can hardly refer to it as a pre-booked service in comparison to an immediate hiring.

Picking up off the street without the need for an app for private hire vehicles is also a subject that crops up from time to time. What is seen as a pathetic attempt for the Public Taxi industry to halt competition or as inequality needs to be addressed. As there is no issue with Private Hire drivers to apply to become Public Taxi drivers this makes a level playing field and leaves nothing in the way of equality.

Competition is not an excuse for a Private Hire driver to use his services the same way as a Public Taxi driver does or a Public Taxi driver to take advantage of the same lesser requirements of a Private Hire driver. Drivers can compete within their own industry for competition, such as Addison Lee competes with Carrot Cars. Taxi drivers and Private Hire drivers should not be seen as competitors as Bus Drivers are not seen as competitors to Taxi Drivers.

The Public Taxi industry would collapse if no clarity between the Public and Private industries was in place.

The measure of deregulating the Public Taxi industry would make both Private and Public Taxi industries and the Consumer suffer; the disabled requirement and the regulated meter would cease to exist.

 Foreign tech apps (that bear no responsibility as can be found in one particular app’s terms and conditions) will takeover and corner the market; congestion will grow and extortionate fares that can be fixed at the operators/work allocators leisure would be the norm as they become the glorified regulatory body and London would suffer as a whole.

The consultation is there as a way of communication it is not intended to stifle tech apps, suck up to cabbies or operators nor is there is rewind the clock on technology. It is about fairness in the industry and improving consumerism. The consumer must not be snared from corporate giant industries into thinking that traditional taxi drivers are a bunch of luddites. 

Many drivers love the new technological advances such as taking different payment methods; taking pre- bookings from responsible tech apps and picking up e-hails that are offered through these apps. What Private Hire operators and Taxi Drivers don’t like is how the regulations are being relaxed to make way for corporate oversea giants that just want to label us ancient, anti-tech and jealous out- dated over-priced dinosaurs! When it is they who are trying to stop the private hire consultation from going ahead as they see public consultation as a threat!

Paul Salmon 

from Taxi Leaks

TAXI-GATE: Ex-Milton Keynes Mayor vouched for asylum seeker who is now a convicted paedophile

Sex scandal mayor Subhan Shafiq has admitted giving a character reference to
ANOTHER serious sex offender - an asylum seeker who is now a convicted
This time Councillor Shafiq vouched for would-be cab driver Malik Aftab
Ahmed when he applied to come to the UK from Pakistan.
But after his application was granted Malik was arrested and convicted of
four counts of serious sexual assault - two of them involving a girl under
the age of 16.
He is currently serving a five-year prison sentence and will be on the sex
offenders register for life.
Mr Shafiq told the Citizen his Home Office reference was given "many years
ago" before Malik committed the offences.
"I have not spoken to this man for over five years and I am horrifed at
these offences," he said.
It is understood Ahmed worked as a taxi driver, though Milton Keynes Council
can find no record of him having a licence locally.
Mr Shafiq resigned as Mayor of Milton Keynes in August after it emerged that
a taxi driver he personally vouched for was a convicted rapist. Nadeem Ahmed
Kiani had four previous convictions for serious sexual offences, where he
and a friend worked together to threaten women with weapons before raping
Although Mr Shafiq is no longer mayor he has refused to step down as a
councillor -and his party has encouraged him to stay.
Last week the Citizen exclusively revealed Mr Shafiq had been linked to an
alleged immigration racket that provides false citizenship test certificates
for foreign workers. Police have now requested to see our evidence.
On Wednesday, as the Citizen went to press, a spokesman for Lib Dem
headquarters in London vowed an "urgent investigation" would be held.
Meanwhile a Home Office spokesperson said: "We will consider all evidence we
receive concerning allegations of fraudulent behaviour in the immigration
Already one leading Lib Dem has admitted Mr Shafiq may have to stand down.
Councillor Ric Brackenbury told the Citizen: "Any councillor only serves as
a representative of their electors with their consent.
"If they have lost their confidence or no longer wish to continue, the cost
has to be balanced against the lack of effective representation in that
Mr Brackenbury even suggested the public should have the right to sack
He said: "MPs are discussing recall measures at the moment - maybe it's time
to look at similar measures for councillors to give power to our residents
to withdraw that consent, should they wish."


Milton Keynes Taxi Licensing Scandal from Milton Keynes Borough Council

Rapist taxi driver in Milton Keynes: How this scandal unfolded and what happens now!!!!!


A rapist was twice given a license to drive a taxi in Milton Keynes.
The Mayor, who personally vouched for the man's good character, has now resigned. Another sex offender is still driving in the city.
This is your guide to the scandal which has rocked Milton Keynes Council.
A press conference was held at Milton Keynes Civic Offices to announce that Mayor Subhan Shafiq had stood down over revelations he personally vouched for a convicted rapist to be a city taxi driver.

Chief executive of the council Carole Mills and Leader of the council Pete Marland called the scandal a "serious issue regarding taxi licensing".
*When was the rapist driving in Milton Keynes?
Nadeem Ahmed Kiani worked as a driver from September 2011 to August 2014.
He received a private hire driver's license in 2011.
This was suspended in April 2012 but then given back to him in May 2012.
He received a Hackney Carriage license in March 2014.
Both licenses were revoked on August 22, 2014.
*What is his criminal background?
In 1991 Mr Kiani was given a conditional discharge for one year for both attempting to obtain property by deception, and theft.
In 1994 he was sentenced to eight years in prison for two buggery offences, assault with intent to commit buggery and rape. He served four years in prison.
*What is his connection to former mayor Subhan Shafiq?
Mr Shafiq told the Citizen he was not close friends with the convicted rapist and he was shocked to learn of his criminal past.
Documents seen by the Citizen say Mr Shafiq claimed that he had known Mr Kiani since childhood and could vouch for his "good current character and his family 
*Who gave Mr Kiani permission to drive a taxi?
He received his private hire licence from two council committees. The Hackney carriage licence was granted by an unknown council officer.
*Who else has resigned from their posts?
Lib Dem councilor Stuart Burke was chairman of the regulatory sub-committee in May 2012 and Labour councilor Gladstone McKenzie was on the panel alongside Councilor Alan Bradburn.
Mr Burke and Mr McKenzie have resigned from their posts. Mr Bradburn is no 
longer a councilor.
*Who has stepped down as a councillor?
No one.
*Are any other sex offenders driving cabs or private hire vehicles in Milton Keynes?
The Citizen understands that another sex offender is still working in the city.
An investigation by Milton Keynes Council found seven people were a "cause for concern".
Five drivers with declared convictions remain on the city's roads, while two have had their licences revoked.
One surrendered his plates voluntarily and after three interviews another has also handed back his plates. They will both no longer be allowed to drive taxis in Milton Keynes.
*What is Milton Keynes 
Council doing now?
A detailed review of all taxi license holders is underway and a new taxi licensing 
policy has been drafted up to be considered by the cabinet this month.
*Is it safe to travel by taxi or private hire vehicle in Milton Keynes?
Council Leader Pete Marland says the council are looking at every single issued taxi licence, but that "the vast 
majority are good, hard-
working people" and the small 
minority of those for concern have been identified.
*Has anyone apologized?
Ex-Mayor Mr Shafiq said he was "sorry for the situation".
The former vice-chairman of the regulatory sub-committee, Councilor McKenzie, said it was with "deepest regret" that he made the error after "many years of service to community and offered his "sincerest and most heartfelt" apologies.
Lib Dem Councilor Stuart Burke said it was with regret he decided to resign but said it was clear on reflection he made an "error of judgment".
The Lib Dems group leader, Councilor Douglas 
McCall said his members made the "honorable decision" to stand down.
*What should members of the public do if they are concerned about any of the private-hire or Hackney carriage drivers?
Call Thames Valley Police on 101.

VIDEO: MILTON KEYNES Investigation into rapist taxi scandal findings revealed

VIDEO: Investigation into rapist taxi scandal findings revealed

An investigation into how a rapist was allowed to drive a city taxi for
three years has been detailed in a report released this morning.
Milton Keynes Council launched an Internal Audit Service following the city
cabbie scandal that emerged in August.
The findings of that taxi licensing investigation were published today.
At a press conference this morning, chief executive of the council, Carole
Mills, and leader Pete Marland told the press they wanted to "restore trust"
in the council and taxi trade.



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